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Top 10 best web hosting companies of 2020

Owerview of this list.

Hi, if you’re looking for a trusted hosting company in 2020 – you are in the right place! Here is a great list with about best 10 web hosting companies who offers high quality hosting services. Hosting requirements differ for each website, and this is a fact that must be understood by everyone who is looking for a good host. For example: a free hosting that is secure and up 24/24 is quite good for a website developed only with HTML/CSS, but it may not be the case if we are talking about a complex website, which requires a lot of features.
Howewer, we have reviewed some of the top rated  hosting providers on 8 different trusted sources and here is our top 10. Our research is based on the reviews of users around the world that have used or continue to use the services of these companies.  In this sense we  made a total of all  features  offered by each company and which a website currently needs.

Top 10 web hosting companies:

  1. ChemiCloud – 5.0
  2. ICDSoft – 4.9
  3. HostRound – 4.9
  4. PlanetHoster – 4.9
  5. ARZHost – 4.9
  6. Visual Web Technologies – 4.8
  7. KVCHosting – 4.8
  8. KnownHost – 4.7
  9. ScalaHosting – 4.7
  10. HyperHost – 4.7

1. ChemiCloud – 5.0

ChemiCloud is the first on our list and we can call it the best premium web hosting company with the overall rating of 5.0. We have collected 670 reviews left by users on 8 trusted sources. Combining the scores we receive an overall rating of 5.0 stars. Providing the best customer support, premium web hosting features, servers in multiple locations – the company deserves the first place in our top 10.

ChemiCloud offers shared, reseller and cloud VPS hosting. The company provides the best customer services in the industry, along with a cloud hosting platform that is just fast, secure, reliable and always running.

Prices for the hosting plans:
– Shared: $2.76 / per 3 years – 1 Website / 15 GB SSD Disk Space.
– Reseller: $6.98 / renew – $19.95 – Unlimited Websites / 25 30 GB SSD Disk Space / 1 TB Bandwidth / 40 cPanel accounts.
– VPS: $59.96 / renew: $79.95 / 2 CPU Cores / 4 GB RAM / 80 GB SSD Storage /4 TB Bandwidth / Free cPanel License / Full Managed.


  •  CloudLinux – LiteSpeed Webserver
  •  Fast SSD Storage
  •  Free Domain Name for Life
  •  Premium Website Builder
  •  Free SSL for all domains
  •  Automated Backups available 30 days
  •  Free Website Migration
  •  Reliable Email Service
  •  1-Click App Installs
  •  Free CDN
  •  Worldwide Server Locations – 8 countries

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2. ICDSoft – 4.9 – stability and uptime

ICDSoft is a Bulgaria located provider and is one of the oldest web hosting company in the industry, they started offering quality web hosting services since 2001 – serving almost 58.000 active users around the world. With an overall of 4.9 stars rating based on 328 real users reviews, ICDSoft is one of the best hosting company that ever existed.

The company maintains servers in 3 different countries and is always aiming to achieve the ultimate goal – total satisfaction for their clients – in the USA (CenturyLink DataCenter), Europe (Neterra Data Center), and Hong Kong (CenturyLink Data Center), thus ensuring versatility and numerous opportunities for your business.
ICDSoft are real professionals, they use the latest hardware and secured servers and by keeping a standby server in each server rack – your websites will be online 99.9% of the time.
A spare/standby server makes sure to replace the production server if it fails, and also to restore the latest backup. That’s why you get 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  •  100 days money back guarantee
  •  CPU Minutes: 100 per day
  •  Best custom control panel built in house
  •  Clean IP Reputation for SEO
  •  MySQL Execution Time: 300 seconds
  •  CPU Limit per Process: 60 seconds
  •  Inode Limit: 500.000
  •  Memory limit/process: 2GB RAM

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3. ARZHost – 4.9 – budget hosting

ARZHost – The best budget-friendly company with an overall rating of  4.9. The company is based in Pakistan and offers shared, vps and dedicated hosting servers in France.
At the time we reviewed this company, it had 857 reviews left by real users on 8 trustworthy websites. We collected the numbers and made the average. In the end, ARZHost received an overall rating of 4.9 stars.

Backed up by a team that knows its job, the company offers live chat 24/24, it takes 10 seconds to get in touch with an operator that will answer any question regarding the services.
Howewer, here is a quick list with impressive features on their shared plans:

  •  FREE SEO, email and marketing tools
  •  Anti-DDoS Protection – 11Tbps Global capacity
  •  Website builders and instant account setup
  •  Control panels such as Plesk and cPanel
  •  5 website – Unlimited space – Unmetered GB Traffic
  •  BackUp – Instant Live Chat

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4. HostRound – 4.9 – Backup solution

HostRound offers shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated hosting in United States and Netherlands.
Our experts collected 271 real customer reviews about this company, based on which we calculated the overall rating for HostRound: 4.9 stars.

If you’re looking to host your business website in USA, then you can get a great deal: $3.95 per month.

  •  LiteSpeed – SSD – SSL
  •  cPanel two-factor authentication
  •  Single File Restoration
  •  Free DDoS Protection
  •  Free Malware Protection
  •  Daily backup stored in two secured locations

Having all these features let you focus more on your work without having to worry about different optimizations regarding your website.
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5. PlanetHoster – 4.9

PlanetHoster started their hosting business in 2007.  They offer high quality hosting services to customers throughout US and Europe.  The provider is currently serving almost 40.000 customers, hosting more than 100.000 websites on their platform. Data centers are located in Montreal, Canada and Paris, France.
At the time our expert reviewed this company, it had a total amount of 3251 reviews all around the web. Calculating the final rating we obtain 4.9/5.

The company offers high quality web hosting with huge resources per account, that can be used for a single website or can be distributed equally to all your company websites.
For example a simple account costs $7.26 per month and it has: 8 CPU, RAM: 16 GB, I/O 16 MB/s.
You can distribute them to different accounts as long as you are respecting the minimum of 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, and 1 MB/s I/O and the maximum of 8 CPUs, 24 GB RAM, and 24 MB/s I/O per account.

However, if you want to have multiple websites in one account 100% isolated with distinct panel, resources and independed infrastructure, then you’ll signup for these features:

  •  Multi-sites + unlimited websites + 100% site isolation
  •  Unlimited disk space and traffic
  •  Dedicated SSL certificates per domain
  •  IPextension – 1,000 additional IPs
  •  Twice-daily backups to second datacenter
  •  Anti-DDoS protection

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6. Visual Web Technologies – 4.8

Visual Web Technologies is by far India’s #1 Best Web Hosting Company.  They started in 2014 and today the company is offering a lot of shared plans, reseller plans, VPS and dedicated servers.
Our expert reviewed this company based on 8 trusted sources with a total of 308 real user testimonials. The overall rating when writing the article is of 4.8 stars.

If you want hosting in USA, EUROPE, INDIA for heavy traffic or multiple websites with average traffic you should take a look at VWT plans. You’ll find cheap prices for high resources and amazing features.

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7. KVCHosting – 4.8

KVCHosting is an American hosting company. Founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that is affordable for everyone, sounds great, right? The company was focused on the needs of users right from the start. Today they provide unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited domains in one single account.
Our review on this company is very positive – we gathered 1418 reviews from trusted sources and received an overall rating of 4.8 stars.

KVCHosting can be your first enterprise cloud hosting with blazing-fast SSD, HTTP/2, 100% Uptime SLA, 24/7 premium support backed-up by 30 days money cack guarantee policy.
KVCHosting can provide you any type of hosting – it can be shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated.

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8. KnownHost – 4.7

KnownHost is another awesome hosting company. We found 320 reviews left by real users on trusted sources and we calculated an overall score of 4.7.

KnownHost provided high quality hosting service since a long time, the great services and a very fast live chat makes the company trustworthy. They offer managed shared and WordPress hosting, reseller and dedicated services, but it is clear that their real focus is on managed VPS hosting.

There are a lot of premium features for Shared and Reseller plans:

  •  Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  •  LiteSpeed Included
  •  Free SSL Certificates
  •  Cloud Storage
  •  Imunify360 securing your website

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9. ScalaHosting – 4.7

ScalaHosting is an old but popular web hosting company, they provide services since 2007. Build and grow your website on a hosting that is fast, safe, and scalable. We have a very good opinion about this company. When we reviewed scalahosting we were impressed by the amount of good reviews left by different users about this company. Based on 983 real testimonials, ScalaHosting’s overall rating is about: 4.7 stars.

If you want to be one of the happy users, then get started in minutes with a single click or contact their award-winning 24/7/365 expert support to get best advice for your project.
A few of the premium features for hosting plans:

  •  1-Click Installer
  •  Remote Daily Backup
  •  SShield Cybersecurity
  •  Free Website Migration
  •  Free sPanel for VPS

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10.– 4.7

HyperHost equals high-quality hosting services since 2011, with 24/24 live support, with 9+ years of experience in the hosting industry, HyperHost pursue to goal to be the best web hosting company from Ukraine.
When reading all the things about we were pleasantly impressed. With 671 users reviews, HyperHost receive an overall rating of 4.7 stars.

They provide a wide range of web services to choose from. You can pick the closest server to your visitors – 2 location are available for shared hosting, Ukraine and Netherlands. VPS/VDS – Russia adds to the previous list. Dedicated servers – USA, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria.

If  we had to describe HyperHost in a few words: HyperHost offers plans that match the needs of the beginners and also those of the advanced users.

Visi website

The bottom line is that they all offer free premium features and services, such as:

  • Minimum Up-time: 99.9% per year.
  • Support and live chat 24/7.
  • Best and fast Email delivery.
  • Operating system used: CloudLinux / CentOS.
  • Free Security: DDoS / BitNinja / Imunify360 / ModSecurity / cPGuard.
  • Fast Web server: LiteSpeed / NGINX.
  • Storage: SSD / NVMe.
  • Control panel: cPanel / Plesk.
  • BackUp with JetBackup – daily.
  • Included for free: SSL.
  • Free installation: CMS with 1 click.
  • Website builder: premium.
  • CloudFlare integrated: free.
  • Money back: 30, 45 days.
  • Traffic: unlimited.

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