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Top 10 Best Cheap web hosting companies

Overview of our cheap web hosting list

Hi Dude, if you are looking for the most reliable and cheapest web hosting companies where you can pay per month or per year under 1 dollar or  $0.50 cents – then you’re in the right place! Here you’ll find a list with 10+ host providers having the lowest pricing plans reviewed and recommended  by our experts. Most of these plans includes features like: cPanel, unlimited SSD disk space and traffic, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, JetBackup and more. Our online guide and comparison methodology is made to provide a pleasant experience for users looking for cheap price but in the same time to be high quality hosting services for their websites.  Below you’ll see the key review factors, and our editorial rating for every hosting provider.

Recommended best cheap host providers

  1. ScalaHost – $3.49/Year
  2. HostBudget – $0.75
  3. HostBlast – $0.50
  4. AsuraHosting – $1.00
  5. 1dollar-webhosting – $0.50
  6. HostPoco – $0.50
  7. MereHosting – $0.99
  8. MwHoster – $0.49
  9. AwardSpace – $0.08
  10. MilesWeb – $0.60
  11. Hostinger – $0.99
  12. Hostripples – $1.46
  13. Hostens – $0.90
  14. SiteBunker – $1.10
  15. ARZHost – $0.99

1. ScalaHost

Our rating: 4.9 – By far the best cheap web hosting is the best web hosting provider, they offer cheap hosting, reseller hosting, domains registration and other web services. This company is the only company that offers hosting and reseller plans without limitations in space, bandwith, CPU, RAM, I/O usage, inodes or any other resources per cPanel at a very low cost.

Hosting servers work under Intel® Xeon™ E5 2630v4 x2 processors, 40 cores, 256GB RAM, SSD disk drives, with LiteSpeed Web Server, also you can install LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for your WordPress website and with the help of a port with a speed of 1Gbps your site will be a rocket! 🙂

 Cheapest Price starting: $3.49/Year

  • FREE daily Backup and SSL certificate
  • cPanel, JetBackup, PHP Selector
  • LiteSpeed webserver, NGINX
  • No limit: CPU/RAM/INODES
  • 1-click App installs and Sitepad builder
  • Unlimited traffic and 50GB SSD Disk space for 5 domains
  • Server location Europe, Germany
  • High quality DELL hardware and uptime.
  • Security: DDOS protection, SiteLock, CPguard, ModSecurity

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Cheapest Price from: $0.75

  • Performance: SSDs NginX + Apache web server
  • Host 1 website 1GB space – 10GB traffic
  • 1-click installs for WordPress
  • Free backup and cPanel
  • Security: CloudLinux CageFS and SecureLinks
HostBudget: 4.2 rating

HostBudget is an American web hosting provider which offer hosting services since 2002. HostBudget has the lowest price for limited resources per cPanel. You can get an account for your United States visitors, it is risk-free to get started. With a lot of web hosting features for such a low price that is backed up by a money-back guarantee policy, there is nothing to stop you achieving succes! 🙂

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 Cheapest Price starting: $0.50

  • Free cPanel and CloudFlare integrated
  • Host unlimited domains on 1GB disk space
  • Unlimited email addresses & free SSL certificate
  • Free app installer and website builder
  • Webserver Apache – ask for LiteSpeed
  • Backup is optionally – ask before to buy
  • FREE Setup & Instant Activation.
HostBlast rating: 4.0 

HostBlast is an Indian hosting company with offices in New York, they offer the best cheap price if you want to host unlimited domains in one single account. Their shared and reseller hosting plans services runs on servers with 8 core CPU, minimum 32GB RAM, Solid State Drives  (SSD) and Hardware RAID  located in Germany and Finland. With 1GB/s connectivity and LiteSpeed web server your website will load extremely fast.

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Cheapest Price starting: $1.00

  • cPanel – CloudLinux
  • 12GB Space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Backup and website transfer
  • Performance: LiteSpeed, NVMe SSD drives, %99.9 Uptime
  • RAM: 1GB / CPU: 1 vCore
AsuraHosting rating: 4.5

AsuraHosting is a Canadian based company established in 2012, the company growed very fast into one of the industrie’s cheapest web hosting brand. It currently serves over 12.000 different customers from 87 different countries, who host over 20.000 websites on their servers. The company offers great support, reliability and also the cheapest price for NVMe SSD hosting.

AsuraHosting, long known for affordable and high-performance low cost shared hosting options, has servers in the following locations:

  •  New York, United States
  •  Montreal, Canada
  •  Frankfurt, Germany
  •  London, United Kingdom

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Cheapest Price starting: $0.50

  • 100MB – for $0.50 / mo  – 50GB for $1.00/ mo
  • FREE SEO tools  included
  • cPanel with CloudLinux and Apache
  • US server location – Daily backup and %99.9 Uptime
  • SSD and Gbit port will make your HTML website very fast
1dollar-webhosting rating: 4.0 is an American web hosting company which offers cheap shared web hosting under $1 since 2006, it will be a big save for you. It is the best cheap host for static websites in US. The servers that they are using have Dual Quad-Core Xeon or 2x AMD Opteron processors with 16-72 GB of RAM and SAS/Enterprise SATA hard drives in a secure RAID 10 configuration, supported by backup servers.

If you have a static HTML presentation webpage or any small website that does not need many resources, then 1dollar-webhosting is an excellent choice to get started. You can upgrade your plan to some amazing features like: unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails – and the list goes on.

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 Cheapest Price starting: $0.50

  • Host 1 domain – unlimited space and traffic
  • cPanel – SSL – BackUp – DDOS
  • Latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and Ruby
  • High resources for WordPress websites
  • Managed WordPress Hosting @ only $0.5 per month
HostPoco rating review: 4.5

HostPoco is an American based hosting company – cheapest price for WordPress hosting. The team knows if you are running heavy sites, large blogs, high traffic sites it requires high resources. Hostpoco understands the importance of a fast loading website, so it designed some affordable web hosting solutions based on SSD Web Hosting. SSD hosting plans starting from $1/Month assure you 20x Lighting Fast Hosting with the best performance.

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  Cheapest Price starting: $0.99

  • 1 domain – 10GB SSD – Unlimited Traffic
  • Automated backups, email and SSL
  • cPanel, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed
  • Recommended for UK users / visitors
  • Ideal for begginer hosting, with 99.9% uptime
MereHosting rating: 4.0

MereHosting is a US based company, they provide fast and reliable cheap web hosting plus features with no limits. Starting a website has never been more easy! Your account is activated almost instantly after payment. Best host at this price in UK.

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Cheapest Price Starting: $0.49

  • 5GB SSD – 20GB traffic – 2 domains
  • FREE backups and DDoS protection
  • cPanel – LiteSpeed – OPcache optimized
  • 1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection
  • UK Datacenter
  • Automatic Malware Scanning
Mwhoster rating: 4.2

Mwhoster is a hosting company from Pakistan with servers up and running in UK. The company has a live chat and is very easy to obtain more informations about their hosting plans. A good alternative to MereHosting – they use the latest generation of hardware and SSD for storage, combined with  LiteSpeed  and OPcache for faster loading time.
If you need a cheap, fast and scalable hosting plan offered by a provider located in UK, then sign up and get started, with unbeatable in-house support the staff is always available and happy to help.

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Cheapest Price Sarting: $0.08cheapest hosting with unlimited disk space

  • 2 domains – unlimited space / traffic
  • Custom control panel – built in house
  • Easy install WordPress and other CMS
  • Free SSL / BackUp / Uptime 99.99%
  • Great way to build small sites for only $5 (for the first year)
AwardSpace rating: 4.2

AwardSpace is an european company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. With millions of users worldwide. the company is a leading the segment of free web hosting. AwardSpace operates with high-end server technology and offers a vast number of web hosting services. For the Shared Hosting, all resources – RAM, CPU, Apache server, MySQL server, and mail server -are shared among the users, but with less users per server, so every website benefits of high performance.

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Cheap Price Starting: $0.60 – for 3 years

  • Host 1 website – 1GB SSD – Unlimited traffic
  • cPanel – CloudLinux – Apache
  • Fast, scalable, and secure hosting
  • FREE SSL and CloudFlare RailGun
  • Options for geotargeting servers and edge security
  • BitNinja Server Security – CageFS Account Isolation
MilesWeb rating: 4.5

MilesWeb is a hosting company located in India, started in 2012, MilesWeb has more than 16k users worldwide.. Today they provide cheap hosting all around the world. You can choose between different server location: Indina, USA, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, UK.
MilesWeb provides prices much lower than many other providers. Users who want to get started, have to pay for at least 3 years of servies . We think that MilesWeb may not be suitable for you if you want to pay monthly or if your purpose is only to test your websites.

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Cheapest Price Starting: $0.99 per 3 years

  • 1 domain – 10GB Space – 100GB Traffic
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee
  • FREE  site builder, SSL certificate, Custom control panel
  • Multiple servers location: USA, EUROPE, ASIA
  • Speedy SSDs optimize performance
  • RAM: 256MB / 10 Entry PROC / CPU: 1
Hostinger rating: 4.8

Located in Lithuania, Hostinger is a web hosting company that provides free and cheap hosting since 2004 – under different brand names: and Today the company counts millions of users. The business is propagated around the world with the help of local domains which make Hostinger very popular in almost any country.  Data centers are located in: US, UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia.
With low prices for high quality services the provider proves that inexpensive premium web hosting is really possible! Thanks to their cloud web technology, the cheap hosting solutions have better performance than you might think.

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 Starting Price: $1.46 /mo per 3 years – best cheap  Plesk hosting

  • Host 1 domains – Unlimited space / Traffic
  • Choose between Plesk and cPanel
  • Server location – India, France, USA and other
  • BackUp – CloudFlare – SSL – RAID10
  •  24×7 Live Support (Phone, Email & Chat)
  • HDD storage – SSD price: $1.96/mo per 3 years
Hostripples rating: 4.5

Hostripples – hosting company with offices both in American and India  – has some of the most affordable shared hosting plans, plus worldwide server locations. You can choose to host your website on a global scale. Their customer services, performance, and focus on environmental responsibility leave you impressed. The servers are available in 7 different countries: USA, Canada, France, UK, Poland, India, Singapore and GEO-IP Locations in other countries.

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Cheapest Price Starting: $0.90/mo per 3 years

  • 10 Domains – 10GB – 1TB Traffic
  • Support for most coding languages
  • cPanel – CloudLinux – BackUp
  • Well-known site builder included
  • Apache – MariDB 10 – CloudFlare RailGun
  • 1 CPU – RAM: 500MB – Inodes 100k rating: 4.3

Hostens is part of the Lithuanian company ‘Interneto Vizija’ which was founded in 2003. Today Hostens serves more than 120,000 clients across Europe. With more than 15 years of experience in hosting business, Hostens is known for offering cheap shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and a popular website builder. The initial sign-up cost is very attractive at just under $0.90.

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Cheapest Price Starting: $1.10

  • cPanel – SSL- JetBackup – Domains: Unlimited
  • Comes with cPanel Storage: 2GB SSD – Unlimited Traffic
  • CPU: 3.2 GHz = 1 CPU – RAM: 2GB
  • LiteSpeed – CloudLinux – Imunify360 + Backup
  • Support for ecommerce and 500+ app installs
SiteBunker rating: 4.8

SiteBunker is an young webhost company that is based in Romania.  They offers a system so well-developed that no virus can break it!
They really want to raise everybody’s hosting standards – once you are convinced of the effectiveness of their antivirus, you will have no desire to give up on Sitebunker. If you want to move from your old hosting provider, the company offer discounts up to 3 months. Also you get a great deal by going for one year plan.
SiteBunker is an awesome host. Sites will function perfect on shared hosting (talking short-term and also long-term).

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 Cheapest Price Starting: $0.99

    • FREE SEO, email and marketing tools
    • website builders and instant account setup
    • 1 website – 1GB – 15GB Traffic
    • cPanel – BackUp – Live Chat
ARZHost rating: 4.5

ARZHost is a company based in Pakistan. They offer cheap shared hosting for your websites (small or big – it does not matter). If you need a small hosting and a lot of SEO tools to get started with your website, then ARZHost is the best choice for you.
ARZHost includes a lot of free extra-options that come with its one-size-fits-all shared hosting service, making them a solid, affordable option to power your online presence.

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