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Netcup reviews and overall rating based on customers  testimonials and opinions.

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User RatingAverage 2.7 out of 10
Total reviews: 6
Recommended by: 1
Opposed: 5
Official responses: 0

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This has been the absolute worse hosting experience in over 20 years of IT and hosting thousands of sites.

Most of my emails are blocked. Those are email accounts of existing company contacts that ive been emailing for many years. As soon as we transferred our services to netcup, our emails are now blocked.

Multiple requests through support have gone unanswered. When they do answer, they use some generic response accusing you of their inability to process simple email requests.

I’d rather my sites send email be down than having to spend one more day with netcup support.

Stay away. Buyers beware. You’ve been warned.

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