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KnownHost reviews and overall rating from multiple sources. Is the best web hosting provider KnownHost?
KnownHost is a high-stability hosting company. Considering the detail that they possess their own data centers and servers enables them to guarantee they have practically zero service disruptions.

They assure 99.995% uptime, which is rather a little better than the majority of other providers can give.

It does not matter which of their plans you pick you will have everything you will need so that you can easily get your website up and operating correctly. KnownHost offers some additional add-ons if you are searching for something special. For instance, you are able to get cPanel, WHM, Plesk, Softaculous or other management services incorporated in your account, for a monthly cost.

The sad fact is actually that KnownHost does not have 24/7 live phone or chat support available. Although much of their technical team is actually situated in the US, they also have offshore professionals, which many costumers will not appreciate.

The costs for their maintained VPS solutions are beneath what you might expect based on the specifications that you are obtaining. The fact that this provider is really so dedicated to VPS really makes the deals much better, because you are getting accessibility to specialists in this field, without having to pay a premium.

This is a really very good hosting provider that is concentrated on the VPS niche. Those who are searching for a top quality VPS will certainly discover what they are searching for with KnownHost.

Reviews from:

By: Tiago Taddeo

Date: Apr 14, 2020

I’ve been their customer for a few years and I love how they treat customers, take all doubts and the support is simply the most effective and fast I’ve ever seen! I recommend it to everyone

By: Bil Peters

Date: Mar 6, 2017

I use Knownhost from 3 years ,but the last 2 months my sites was hacked almost every day,and support did not help me at all.
I pay for managed VPS ,but support do not want to work only lose my time to write tickets and waiting for answers.I had to learn some technical stuff so I could use this hosting.Stay way from this hosting,really terrible customer support.If you need customer support Beyondhosting is more reliable.

Reviews from:

By: Brett Snyder

Date: Nov 21, 2019

I have been with KnownHost since 2012. And I definitely hope to spend another 7 years over there. KnownHost has the best Hosting products and knowledgeable customer support I have used, period.

By: Mano Hamdy

Date: Jun 11, 2016

They have great support that responds very rapidly but rarely fix problems. They have also a great sales team that is very polite, with job of getting as much money out of your pocket even if the service won’t be of any use for you. They don’t take the time to give you real guidance. You have been warned.

Reviews from:

By: James

Date: Aug 15, 2018

Great service, super speedy helpdesk. Good range of hosting products at reasonable prices. I’ve been with them for years and have never had any issues.

By: Tony Featherstone

Date: Jul 30, 2017

Worst hosting experience ever.

My sites were constantly being hacked as compared to similar sites on a different host (based in Australia) that never seemed to be attacked.

Their so called customer service consists of lots of cut and paste emails mainly.

They had the audacity to take my site down on a Friday evening due to what they termed a phishing risk – had they checked they would have seen that I have removed the infected files.

Reviews from:

By: James

Date: Jan 29, 2019

Excellent up-time. Fast, responsive support. Automatically upgrade services periodically.

Reviews from:

By: [Anonymous]

Date: Nov 11, 2019

KnownHost is one of the fast response on their support ticket. As I am engaging the hosting server, it is very important that when the server is facing some issue at the point of time. The most important point at the time is to have the server issue resolved to have my server back online. Therefore the support from hosting provider comes into play which KnownHost did not let me down, their support team via the support ticket are very fast and responsible to respond to my needs.

By: [Anonymous]

Date: Mar 5, 2020

WE kept having eMail delivery issues and KnownHost could NOT sem to correct it PROMPTLY. ONLY ater CONSTANT MONITORING and COMPLAINING via their internal ticket system did the email finally get set right.

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