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GlowHost analyzed


GlowHost provides services since 2002, and the company continues to be a private company to this day. Established in Florida, with data center in Atlanta, Georgia – GlowHost offers entry level shared hosting as well as a lot more advanced dedicated servers and cloud options. Important to mention: VPS packages are not an option.

The company really advertise their specific ‘green hosting’ techniques in which GlowHost places a bunch of effort towards reducing the ecological impact they have. Of course we talk about solar power, paperless billing and the list goes on.


We can’t analize a company without analyzing the features it has, so naturally we ask the question: Features? Many. Nearly all that you will ever use is available through their specific normal solutions. But what happens you are not pleased with their services? GlowHost has a satisfaction guarantee that comes with a 60-day money back option, which is always good to have.


There is no question that the support team of a hosting company has to be top-level in order for the company to prosper. Concerning GlowHost’s staff – it’s just stunning the fast response time. On the many pages of reviews is difficult to find anything bad about the support.  You can get in touch with them through online ticketing system, or email, or you can give them a call.

Pricing and Conclusion.

The pricing is fair and common for the industry, nothing exceptional. If you want to see something special check the dedicated servers, is difficult to find something better than the GlowHost’s offers on this topic.

There are many good things that can be said about GlowHost, it offers services that will really amaze you and will suit all your demands. So we recommend to visit their website and check their packages.



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