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FastComet reviews and total rating based on top websites who make reviews for web hosting companies.

FastComet is a top web hosting provider with a massive notoriety for offering quick, practical hosting. The freedom to choose between various PHP versions, pre-installed GIT and unlimited MySQL databases are just some of the best parts from FastComet’s features. Day-to-day and week-to-week backups make it easy to restore previous website versions in case something goes wrong. However, one field we found where FastComet can improve is that basic plans tend to be rather minimal when it arrives to SSD storage.

Our examinations showed the fact that FastComet provides easy to use services, good support along with affordable prices plus extensive server-side perks in order to produce an outstanding hosting experience.
In addition to their experienced support team, FastComet’s digital resources trove of online videos supplying perfect lessons in order to assist novices and also professionals to deal with troubles on their own or avoid them from occurring in the first place.

All in all, our team appreciated just how straight forward it was to get things accomplished with the assist of FastComet within an affordable budget and would absolutely recommend the service. The company is positioning itself very high in terms of excellent uptimes as well as lightning fast load times. Providing persistent performance as well as an extended range of developer resources, FastComet is actually an awesome solution to host and develop your very own website!

Reviews from:

By: Sali Daher
Date: Mar. 29, 2020
I love everything about this hosting company. They really offer what they describe. The security feautures are awesome. The worse thing that can happen to you is to be hacked but with the security features they offer you are mor s

ave than many other hosting companies. So thank you FastComent and special thanks to all people who are always on the frontline. Thank you Sinan!

By: Shehab Ahmed
Date: Jan. 23, 2020
Every day i see resource limit reached, and every week down time and SSL error saying your SSL Cert is from MediaHome.router !
because they restart their server or something and some services fail to go online!
Anyway they are w

ay overpriced, such a service level and quality of servers and available resources fits ( 2$ hosting ) NOT ( 200$ ) hosting!

Reviews from:

By: Mika C.
Date: Apr. 2020
Seriously the best hosting provider in terms of uptime, service, features — that I have ever dealt with over the years. They are super easy to work with and very fast on support. Live chat is with knowledgable people who solve problems quickly. Can’t say enough positive. Move all your hosting here. You will be SO glad you did.

By: Trumble Pillan
Date: Apr 6, 2020
This hosting servers have issues with GMail. Prefer to avoid.
Please be aware of this hosting. Be very careful, and try not to proceed with them.

They have intermitent problems integrating emails with GMail, due to their servers marked as bad reputation by Spam classifying servers.

For example, if you send and attachment, the email will not be accepted between GMail and the hosting, but the hosting will report these emails as “Successfully Sent”.

But all emails without attachments are sent successfully as expected.

They have this problem in a very intermitent way. Hence, for the normally most important emails (those you send with an attachment) you basically do not have any confidence about they were sent or not.

Reviews from:

By: Hamza A
Date: Feb 18, 2019
Really, i host since two months ago, They have very dedicated technical support team, very fast response, high level of communication skills, really i am very Satisfied, and if you are looking for hosting with strong Technical support i suggest FastComet.

By: Administrator in Consumer Goods
Date: Mar 27, 2019
“Constant lies, and terrible service. ”
Do not use these guys. I can not even begin to explain everything that has gone wrong, in a short amount of time. Long story short, they have brought down our website on two separate occasions, out of pure incompetence. The second time, they lied to us for an hour telling us we were hacked. We pressed them on it and they finally owned up to crashing our site for over an hour in the middle of the day.

Read more on source to view official response from the team.

Reviews from:

By: Cristina Sunglight
Date: Sep 02, 2017

I am really happy and grateful for the great support offered to me. I totally lack of knowledge about such things, and I got really everything solved and with the bestvibes. Really great job.

By: Russel Maxwell
Date: Aug 30, 2019
They have changed their pricing structure. I have been a customer since July 2018, and today I got a notice that my service was going to be “upgraded” to their new pricing. The only thing being “upgraded” is the price, going from $143.40 per year to $239.40 per year (a 70% increase).

Plus they now have introductory rates and the renewal rates for everyone are much higher. When I asked, they said, “The old price no longer covers our expenses any longer, so we had to adjust it. “

Reviews from:

By: anonymous- ([email protected]…)
Date: Jul 7, 2018
FastComet has been 110% with everything they are doing for me here. I am a relative newbie to “webmastering” ie: I am no webmaster but have several sites running on FastComet’s SpeedUp plan.
From the moment of first contact and right on through restoring a backup on a site I totally screwed up last night, FastComet and their Customer Service and Tech crews have conducted themselves with absolute precision and speed!
I am 110% totally satisfied with FastComet and everyone there. Compared with my last web hosting company, it’s like night and day. FastComet is a winner!

By: hidden- (-hidden-) /
Date: Dec 7, 2017
The say they are compatible wit wordpress. that is a big fat lie. Also they only have resources allocated on the shared hosting which is fine, but only 40 people can interact with your site at once (entry limit) or else you get a resources reac hed page. i was patient with them and i upgraded when they asked me too but from their lowest shared hosting to the highest, i could only get 40 user interactions at one. i paid for a year and was with them from september till december 6th because i was loosing customers. i didn’t get a refund.
Read more here to see afficial repply to this user.

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